6 strange cat behaviors explained that will surprise you

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6 strange cat behaviors explained

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Cats are strange creatures. They’re different from dogs in a lot of ways, and one way they differ is that you never know what they’re going to do next. This can be both frustrating and entertaining for pet owners, but it’s important to understand your cat’s behavior so you know how to react when strange things happen! So here in this post we’ll have 6 strange cat behaviors explained!

6 strange cat behaviors explained

1. Chattering

When your cat sees a bird, mouse, or other prey creature while peering out the window, you’ve probably heard a fast and furious teeth chattering. Cats may do this because they’re irritated that they can’t go outside and catch the prey they’re observing. They may also be agitated and/or aroused.

Others believe that your cat’s odd jaw movement is a natural habit that permits his or her muscles to get ready for the task of hunting prey. In any case, your cat’s chattering is perfectly natural, even though it may sound unusual.

6 strange cat behaviors explained

2. Non-Food Consumption

Is your cat biting on materials that aren’t food like cloth, non-edible plants, strings, plastic, wire, or metal? It’s possible that this is a symptom of a disorder known as pica. Anemia, mineral deficiencies, heredity, hyperthyroidism, boredom, and anxiety have all been suggested as possible causes.

If your feline is exhibiting pica symptoms, it’s essential to see a veterinarian for a thorough examination to clear out deeper issues. It’s also crucial to pay a lot of attention to what your kitten is munching on, as well as the situation in which she is doing it. This may assist you in determining the etiology of the pica and, as a result, the appropriate course of treatment.

Dietary changes, the application of bitterants like Bitter Apple Spray to the chewed objects, the provision of numerous different meals throughout the day instead of one or two large meals, stimulation through playing or human engagement, or the removal of the objects from the surroundings are all possible treatments.

3. I’ll fit when I sit

The ability of cats to “comfortably” fit themselves into small spaces never fails to astound or amuse us. But why are they seated where they are? Instead, there are lots of comfortable places for them to rest, such as that pricey cat tree you bought. So, why do they curl up in cartons, closets, bathroom sinks, little baskets, and other odd places?

Here’s one of strange cat behaviors explained! The truth is: this is a natural behavior exhibited by even large cats. Your cat will feel protected and secure in confined settings. Kitty would not like to be unsecured in an open place if she were out in the wild since this would expose her to predators. Ambush hunting is also a natural tendency for felines. They can observe and watch their environment without being seen or deranged since they hide in little areas. (Of course, with our house kitties, the “unseen” portion does not usually apply!)

4. Eyes of the cat

Do you ever feel as though someone or something was looking you in the eyes? Is that your cat you saw when you looked around? Your feline is most likely looking you down in an attempt to grab your attention. Kitty usually asks for food, snacks, pets, or time to play. S/he could possibly be expressing his/her love for you in the language of cats. Blinks are a good way to tell the difference.

Do you know that sometimes your cat may blink at you slowly? “Kitty kisses,” as behaviorists refer to it. Your feline’s slow blinks are a means of expressing affection and indicating that they love and have faith in you. They’ll probably keep blowing “cat kisses” your way when you blink gently back. (No, Kitty isn’t trying to kill you!)

If your cat is staring at another cat, on the other hand, things are likely to get heated. When one cat looks at another, it’s usually to assert dominance. More physical action may be required if the gazing contest does not determine who rules the roost. It might be best if you can safely divert their attention away from their “who’s the big kitty” competition using sweets or catnip.

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6 strange cat behaviors explained
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5. It’s Over!

Do you have a cat who likes to knock items off tables, bookcases, and counters? Perhaps it appears like she is simply batting items off the surface and watching them land on the ground for no apparent cause. There’s a reason for this, and while it’s annoying, it’s manageable.

Cats are known for their curiosity, and because they investigate the environment with their paws, swiping and scratching things are ways for cats to learn about them. It’s even been suggested that Kitty enjoys knocking things off tables because it mimics his or her hunting instinct. Certainly, it’s also conceivable that your kitten is just looking for attention, so why not get it by knocking stuff over? You should probably stop it, or at the very least put your things away.

The best way to prevent bored cats is to provide them with plenty of toys and/or puzzle feeders, and to change them regularly. While it may be frustrating for you, what you can do for a cat that wants your attention is to ignore what he/she’s doing. Also, don’t pay any kind of attention to him/her. You can offer your cat the attention he craves when he becomes bored.

6. Cucumber Fear 

Who’d have guessed that a seemingly innocuous fruit (yes, fruit!) could scare most cats? Unsuspecting cats are seen shooting straight into the air and escaping from a cucumber hidden behind them in footage all over the internet.

Have you ever pondered why the majority of cats behave in this manner? The “cucumber cat phenomena” is the subject of several popular ideas among animal behaviorists. Cucumbers resemble snakes, and cats are naturally afraid of them. Another notion is that they’re reacting to anything unexpected that appears behind them.

We don’t encourage doing this prank on your poor cat for whatever reason cucumbers make a cat’s blood flow cold – your tiny furball may be injured! (Plus, if you’re looking for a “scaredy cat vs. cucumber” fix, there are plenty of vids available.)

Those are some strange cat behaviors explained. Does your furball have any strange behaviors that you can’t figure out why? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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