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Cat Behavior

Popular Cat Myths Debunked

Cat owners know that cats are somewhat of a mysterious creature. Their mysterious behavior has been the catalyst for many cat myths down through the centuries, producing and perpetuating more myths, legends, old sayings and …

Cat Behavior

How to Calm an Aggressive Cat

If you have ever been scratched by your cat, then you know full well that cat scratches are painful. Some cats learn to deal aggressively with their owners early on, which can be a hard …

Cat Behavior

How Cats Change as They Age

So you have noticed your cat has the energy of a rug. You may see them as 10 years old but they are really well past their senior citizen discount. Even though your beloved cat …

Cat Behavior

Cat Shedding Fur All Over Your Home?

If you share your home with a cat, chances are there is cat fur on every surface. Cat owners may joke about choosing furniture or clothing to coordinate with the cat’s color so the hair …