Surprising truth: 9 signs your cat loves you actually

Rhazia Fazal

Surprising truth: 9 signs your cat loves you actually

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Cats may have a reputation for being distant and less cuddly than dogs. Their affection might be subtle or outright difficult to see. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their humans. Cats may be just as devoted and loving to their owners as dogs, but humans may find it harder to discern their feline companion’s emotions. In this article, we will share with you 9 signs your cat loves you sincerely, some of which might be a surprise to you.

9 signs your cat loves you dearly

1. Your cat headbutts and cheek-rubs you

When it comes to cats (not humans), headbutting is a gesture of love and in particular, a hug. Brace yourself if you see your cat approaching you with her head cocked; you’re in for a good head butt! According to Gayle Hickman, a pet behavior researcher, butting is a cat’s way of expressing affection for her fellow creatures. She’s recognizing you as one of her buddies by rubbing her head or cheeks against you. Cats’ scent glands are on their forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. So rubbing is one way to mark her “territory” as she’s trying to blend your odors to strengthen your bond.

You can try holding your hand (closed fist) near your cat’s head to see if she rubs her cheeks on your knuckles if she’s milling about your legs. If she does it, well, accept it with joy.

2. Your cat kneads paws on your lap

If this is the first time you see your cat knead his paws (or “make cookies”) on your thighs, you might find it strange and funny. It may also be a sign that you need to trim his nails. Yet, best of all, this is a show of affection. We often see this action in kittens as they do it to their mothers in order to stimulate milk flow. As time goes by, your cat is no longer a kitty but if he kneads you, it means he’s feeling cozy and affectionate.

According to Hickman, this behavior tends to linger with you as a source of comfort and relaxation and a cat’s way of saying, ‘I trust you’. It could also be because he regards you as his mother or an authoritative figure. Kneading also activates scent glands in the paws, so your cat could be trying to claim you as his own. Enjoy it as this is one of the 9 signs your cat loves you unconditionally.

3. Your cat’s tail is twitching or curled around your leg

The tail of a cat may convey a lot about his emotions. If you see a bushy tail with upright hair and arched back, it means the feline is intimidated. On the other hand, cats with swishy question-mark-shaped tails frequently feel confident and happy in your company. When your cat has his tail coiled around your leg or arm, you can be glad that he is pleased to see you. That is a sign of friendship and affection and one of the 9 signs your cat loves you truly.

4. Your cat shows you her belly

A fluffy cat belly is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see, but it’s also his most susceptible area. If you get to see a feline rolling over with his tummy up, that means he is feeling secure enough with you to be unprotected and vulnerable. What if your cat stretches out and lets you massage her tummy? You’ve made it to the big leagues! Be certain that our cat is feeling affectionate as this is the pinnacle of trustworthiness.

However, a stomach rub can become aggressive at any time. If the cat is not that familiar to you, you might have to put up with some minor scarring. Keep in mind that cats can be fickle.

5. Your feline meows to you

The 5th out of 9 signs your cat loves you may be a little surprising to some people. It’s about cats’ language. Cats may make a variety of vocalizations, ranging from hissing to meowing. However, meowing is the language they use to attract human attention, not to communicate with one another. If your cat is not hungry, that means she wants to be stroked. Pay attention for a high-pitched trill or chirp. They are the sounds of love and companionship. Relax, see her reaction, and experience a genuine cat conversation.

6. Your cat offers you a slow blink

Cat lovers are probably familiar with the hypnotic look that cats can sometimes provide. In fact, one of their favorite ways to express the phrase “I love you” is with a slow blink (or a “kitty kiss”). When a cat is satisfied and happy with you, she may simply look over and close and then reopen her eyes slowly. This can also be seen when your feline is around other familiar cats. It’s a way of showing that things are cool and she feels relaxed and safe.

So when your furry friend gives you a “kitty kiss” as a sign of a marriage proposal (oh -yes!), how should you react? Well, gracefully give a returned slow blink with a pleasant sensation in your heart. You can be confident it’s among 9 signs your cat loves you truly. Keep in mind that this is also a great way to get acquaintance with a new cat so that he doesn’t feel insecure around you.

7. Your feline gives you “presents”

It might be a surprise to you as your cat can give you all sorts of “gifts” (or downright crap!). They can be a dead mouse or bird, bugs, frogs, trash etc. -not many of them are on your wish list. Yet, don’t be offended by that! It’s an expression of his admiration for you so you should accept it gratefully. According to Nicky Trevorrow, Cats Protection‘s behavior manager, people believe these ‘gifts’ are intended for the owner. In fact, cats actually return them home to their safe haven. It’s a sign that they trust you and feel comfortable around you.

8. You get a lot of nibbles from your cat

A gentle nibbling and an aggressive bite are absolutely not the same thing. Pay attention closely as habitual nibbling or gentle biting is a less typical indicator among the 9 signs your cat loves you. A cat will occasionally provide a mild, teasing bite to someone he loves. The difference between this and a real bite is that one hurts and the other doesn’t. It might be a sign that you and your cat are greatest friends if your little guy sees you as a chew toy.

Surprising truth: 9 signs your cat loves you actually
Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash

9. Your cat often follows and hangs out with you

Cats will just leave the premises if they feel threatened or uncomfortable, especially with strangers. Your cat may not be too friendly, but if she’s usually in the same room as you—even if she doesn’t seem to notice you—she appreciates your presence. Simply mentioned, not all felines are lap cats; this is sometimes misinterpreted as aloofness or disinterest, but a cat’s happiness with you can sometimes be as simple as proximity. These particular cats are known as Nearby Cats. At the foot of your bed, or on a nearby chair in the living room, your Nearby Cat is just out of reach. This quiet guy adores you just as much as those obnoxious lap kitties.

If your cat persists on jumping into bed with you, creeping into the bathroom when you’re showering, and watching you eat, you’re undoubtedly a major source of fascination for them.

So those are 9 signs your cat loves you truly. Do you see other ways that your feline shows you her affection? Let us know in the comments!

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