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Best Ways to Give Your Cat a Bath

Bathing a cat is never an easy event. There’s no denying that. Be prepared for kicking, whining, shaking, clawing, and any other trick your pet can think of when it’s time to give your pet …

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How to Care For An Elderly Cat

Once a kitten grows out of its adorable phase, the adult cat goes on to lead a happy life lounging about, sleeping, and being waited upon hand and foot by its owner. Just like humans, …

Care & Health

Cat Tooth Care Is Essential

Periodontal disease is the most common disease that affects our feline and canine friends. 90%-95% of cats and dogs over the age of 2 years have accumulated enough dental plaque between the tooth and gum …

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Grow Your Own Catnip

The catnip herb, Nepata cataria, is of course well known for driving cats wild with joy. As an herb though it has far more uses than giving something for cats to chew or roll around …

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Traveling Safely With Your Cat

If you want to travel with your cat, you need to take the needed precautions. Traveling can be arduous for cats, especially long trips in a car. If you are traveling during the warm summer …