Most Common Plants That Are Poisonous To Cats

Sarah Brown

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When you introduce house plants into your home, you must research them carefully. Many house plants, though beautiful to look at, are poisonous to cats, dogs, and even people. There are over one-hundred different house plants that are poisonous to cats, but this article covers only seven of the most commonly grown.


Amaryllis is a very popular house plant that is usually purchased as a bulb of a kit. It grows long leaves that are evergreen in many areas. Above that, a sturdy plant stem rises. Finally, a large cluster of flowers in bright red, pink, or white burst into bloom at the top. This house plant is very poisonous to cats.

Asparagus Ferns

This house plant that is poisonous to cats is popular in hanging baskets or large pots on shelves. The lacy green fern fronds hang down as they grow, enticing cats to play with and sample them. While this house plant is in the same family as the asparagus that we eat, it is poisonous to cats and other animals.


Caladium is a large leaved house plant that is often grown outside in temperate climates. The plant comes from a bulb and has very large leaves in green, pink, red, and white. This house plant is poisonous to cats and other animals.


There are multiple varieties of crotons that are grown in the home. They are kept mostly for their multi-colored leaves. This plant is fast growing and has stiff waxy leaves. Unfortunately, it is a house plant that is poisonous to cats.


Dieffenbachia is also called Dumb Cane, so named for its milky sap, which causes the tongue, and inside of the mouth to swell up, rendering the eater dumb.’ This is a tall house plant with large green and white leaves. It is poisonous to cats and injurious to humans as well.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are large plants with glossy green leaves and tropical looking flowers on thin stalks. It is pretty easy to grow and makes a great specimen plant. Unfortunately, ever part of this house plant is poisonous to cats.


One of the most widely grown house plants in the world, philodendron is a large jungle vine with attractive leaves. It climbs on trellises and up walls readily. This house plant is poisonous to cats and injurious to other animals.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is part of the ficus family. It is a large, glossy-leaved tree that grows easily in a large pot. They can grow up to six feet tall indoors with minimal care. The rubber plant, and other varieties of ficus house plants, are poisonous to cats.