How often do I have to brush my cat’s teeth?

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How often do I have to brush my cat’s teeth? That’s a question that every feline owner might be wondering at some point. Every night? Every week? Once a month?

Brushing a cat’s teeth is actually an important step in keeping their mouth healthy. It also helps to prevent some serious health problems that can develop if they don’t get the proper care. In this post, we will go over how often you should brush your cat’s teeth and how to do it so that they stay happy and healthy for many years to come.

Why do I need to brush my cat’s teeth?

Before trying to answer “how often do I need to brush my cat’s teeth” question, we need to understand the reason to do it. Consider what it’s like to be a cat without brushing your teeth for a year. After a few days, plaque forms tartar, which is more difficult to remove. That isn’t even taking into account what can occur beneath the gum line. Here are a few medical terminology to help you understand why brushing is so important.

  • Plaque: Your teeth are covered in a sticky, filmy substance (which cats can get, too).
  • Tartar: The brown crusty substance that accumulates over time on a cat’s teeth.
  • Periodontal disease is a form of gum disease that affects the teeth. A severe gum infection that destroys the gums and has the potential to ruin the jawbone.

How often do I have to brush my cat’s teeth?

Every cat is different. In general there are various factors to determine exactly how often you’ll need to brush your cat’s teeth such as:

  • How old they are
  • The type of food they eat
  • How much they drink
  • Their dental health
  • The breed

Brushing your furry friend’s teeth is an important part of keeping their mouth healthy. Cats who have a history with having dental problems may need more frequent brushing than others. If you notice that there are some areas where plaque buildup has started to develop (usually around their molars) then it might be time for them to get brushed again sooner rather than later! For kittens under six months old, we generally recommend following up after three weeks since at this age new baby teeth grow in fast enough that not all of them may have been brushed away by the first brushing.

So exactly how often do I have to brush my cat’s teeth?

It’s best to brush your cat’s teeth daily. If not, you can brush your cat’s teeth once every week or two as that should be just fine for most cats. If there are areas with plaque buildup then it might be necessary to brush them sooner rather than later so keep an eye out for signs of trouble. Also, take your furball to your veterinarian for a professional dental cleaning once a year.

What do I need to brush my cat’s teeth?

There are some main options to brush your cat’s teeth.

1. Finger brushes, or cat toothbrushes

Finger brushes are basically little rubber nubs on the end of a stick that make it easier to get between their tiny fangs without hurting them too much (which also makes them great for kittens!).

Cat brushes can be found at your local pet store or online on websites like Amazon for a few bucks. Just make sure to get one that is specifically meant for cats and not dogs as you don’t want to hurt them! Also, some brushes have soft bristles while others have stiffer ones so choose accordingly based on how sensitive they are.

2. Some pet-friendly toothpaste

Simply get some toothpaste designed for pets – just like humans! If you have more than one cat then try having each of them use separate fingers if possible since sharing can lead to fights over personal space. Just put some of the paste onto your finger(s) or into their mouth and get to brushing!

There’s no need of getting human paste since it has ingredients that aren’t safe for animals (like fluoride). You also do not need any special “tartar control” types of pastes unless there really is tartar buildup going on which would require the vet visit anyway – just sticking regular will work perfectly fine!

How to brush my cat’s teeth

Are you wondering how you’re supposed to brush your cat’s teeth properly. Here are the steps:

  1. Rub your cat’s face, cheeks, and mouth while you are sitting with them.
  2. Allow them to lick your finger after dipping it in tuna water or low-sodium chicken broth (without onions or garlic).
  3. Rub their gums gently with your finger.
  4. Get some pet toothpaste on your finger and let them lick it off before rubbing it on their gums.
  5. Brush a few teeth very lightly with the toothpaste with a toothbrush. To reveal the front of their teeth, they should lift their lips.
  6. Continue brushing all of your cat’s teeth if they’re let you.
  7. If this isn’t possible, brush a few teeth at a time, pausing for cuddles in between.

How often do I have to brush my cat’s teeth and how do I do it? Now you know the answer! Just remember to consult your veterinarian for your pet’s particular case if necessary.

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