What To Buy For A New Pet Cat Or Kitten

Rhazia Fazal

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New additions to the family require a little planning ahead. If you are about to bring home a new cat or kitten make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. Here is what a new cat will need.


This seems obvious, of course cats need to eat. But it is not necessarily so simple. What kind of food does your new pet need? First consider the cat’s age. Cats that are too young and too old may not have the teeth to handle crunchy food. Semi-crunch or soft canned food might work best for these cats.

Most people adopt kittens at an age where they can handle crunchy food but not all crunchy foods are created equal. Some are specifically formulated for young kittens and will cause an older, inactive cat to put on unhealthily heavy weight. Food for mature cats will not give kittens proper nutrition. Carnivorous by nature, cats should be fed some meaty food on a regular basis, although they needn’t eat only meat. Don’t forget to buy it food and water bowls.

Litter and a box

Another seemingly obvious point, but a litter box is not something a new pet owner would want to forget to buy. Litter boxes can be made out of household items such as throw-away boxes or old metal pans, but to ensure you have the right size, it might work out best to buy one.

Also, store brands don’t need to be constantly replaced. Litter comes in many different forms these days from recycled paper to wheat to pine pellets to clay and more. Pine pellets will absorb the smell but need to be changed often; recycled paper and wheat are environmentally friendly, renewable sources for litter.

Toys and a scratching post

A cat, especially a young kitten, will tear up clothes, couches and other furniture, and carpet if it is not given something to dig its claws into so buy it needs a scratching post, if only in the interest of saving your belongings. You can use household items in place of store bought toys if you are on a budget.

Ribbons rubber bands and strings are kitty favorites. Be warned though that a cat should never be allowed to play with these items when they are not under direct and careful supervision of an adult. If a cat eats these items they can do serious damage to their intestines.


Most cats hate car rides and need to be transported in a cat carrier that has plenty of room for the cat to stand up and lay down in. A plastic crate is the safest kind.


Cats love a warm and cozy bed. Of course they will also find comfy spots all over the house to play hide-and-sleep in, but if you plan to keep your cats (and their hair) off of your couch or bed, it needs a comfy alternative placed in a location where it won’t mind taking a peaceful slumber.