How To Litter Train Your Cat

Sarah Brown

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Each cat is different when it comes to how it wants and needs to be housebroken. This process often is a very quick one when it comes to cats. But there’s no guarantee.

The great thing about cats is that the mother cat usually trains her kittens well before they are even weaned. This reduces the amount of work you need to do greatly. Cats naturally are very clean animals. They are known to want to cover up their excrement and normally quickly find the litter box when they’re inside. The mother cat often does such a good job at training that you need to do very little.

If you do find yourself having to train a kitten, there are some simple things you can do. The first thing to get in the habit of doing is after every time you feed the cat, immediately lift it up and gently place it inside its litter box.

Right after eating is when the cat typically starts thinking about having to defecate or urinate. By placing it immediately into its litter box, it can begin to get the hint fairly quickly. Usually after placing your cat in its litter box after eating two or three times, you no longer have to do it. It will naturally go there.

You need to remain patient with your cat if it doesn’t pick up on the litter box thing quickly. There may be a couple things it has anxiety about. It may not like the smell or consistency of the litter box. You may need to shop around and find different kinds of kitty litter until you find one that the cat likes and can cope with.

Also, a litter box needs to be in a semi-private location. It needs to be tucked away somewhere where the cat will feel comfortable that its waste will be well hidden. Also, the cat may not like the cleanliness level of the litter box. If you haven’t changed the litter recently, you may need to do so before your kitten will feel comfortable going there.

Cats are generally very clean creatures. They demand a high level of cleanliness in their lives, from their fur to their kitty litter. They can generally keep their fur clean themselves (with a little grooming from you), but the kitty litter is fully your responsibility.

Be sure to change the kitty litter often. You may want to clean it after every time the cat urinates. The stench is often enough to keep the cat from wanting to use the litter.